Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Treats

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Who doesn't like dressing up as a monster and eating candy? Or reading a scary book for All Hallow's Read? Mocha Memoirs even has a special Halloween event called A Stroll Through Shadows, where awesome prizes can be won!

Me, I like my Halloween to involve a healthy dose of the below image...

That's right. I'm all about the ghouls and the goblins and the goodies. This year my Halloween will be a little sad. I can't dress up at work aside from my bat earrings and skull necklace (which I wear even when it isn't Halloween), and well, I have to work. But when I get home I'll relax, eat candy, and watch horror movies with my mom. My love of Halloween comes from her, and she loves watching scary movies with me because I'm the person always making fun of the characters on screen.

Candies and chocolates and splatterfest gore aren't my only treats this year. I recently posted my thoughts about dark fantasy and horror on the Mocha Memoirs Press blog, and Needfire received a great review from fellow Lost In The Witching Hour author Nicky Peacock. My two Mocha Memoir novellas, Call From The Grave, and Hotel Hell have been getting a lot of attention recently thanks to the hard workers of Mocha Memoirs, and I highly recommend the AMOK! anthology for those of you who like your horror with a taste of insanity. I'm not being entirely self-promoting when I say that anthology was one of the funnest ones I've ever read.

However you spend it, I hope you make the most of your All Hallow's Eve. Even the monsters need a night to celebrate. Happy Halloween!


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