Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Complications Of Saving The World

Yes, I'm reviewing another Dan Wells book. Why? 1) Because I review whatever I just finished reading, 2) I'm really liking this series, and 3) Dan Wells is a hell of a writer and deserves to be recognized. Fragments, book two in The Partials Sequence, is a YA post-apocalyptic novel where humanity is literally going extinct, and the only way to survive is to seek help from the enemies who helped destroy it. Since this is the second book in a series, I'm going to put a spoiler warning up, though I'll keep the details to a minimum. If you don't want any spoilers, good for you! then definitely check this series out. It's deep, different, and simply damn good.

Always loved faceless character covers. Really great design.
After finding the cure for RM, the deadly virus that is killing every newborn human and preventing humans from recovering from the devstating Partial War, semi-human Kira Walker left to find answers about cures for not just the human race, but for the Partials as well. As she navigates a treacherous wasteland and meets new and old allies, she begins to understand that saving two species is not a grey issue, and by the time both sides realize it, it may be too late...

The Partials Sequence is an incredibly in depth look at the way humanity would respond to working with an inhuman enemy to save their race. That is, they would loathe it and refuse to trust said enemy. Understandable, since the Partials, superhuman-lookalikes who turned on humans after dying for them, are just as capable of holding a grudge as humans are.

What I love about this series is the amount of history that went into the world. It's a wonderfully complex maze of trust and mistrust, especially where the history of the superhuman Partials is concerned. Kira's search for answers proves that everyone working with the Partials had their own agenda, and that the reason the world collapsed could be as simple as no one willing to see eye to eye.

The world is easy to relate to, and that same kind of strength is translated into scenes where morality is in question. Every single person Kira meets has a different view on how the future of the world should be decided, and which side deserves to be saved. She's the only one who truly, deeply believes they need each other to keep extinction at bay, but the arguments presented to her have a way of making her question herself. There isn't a true villain in any of The Partials Sequence books, which is another thing that makes them such a powerful read.

I really loved how the characters have continued to grow. Kira's struggles have only become more intense as she deals with not only looking to save two races, but in dealing with what she is. I won't spoil it, but let's just say I definitely wasn't expecting the twists revolving around her past. While I'm more partial (no pun intended) to Marcus, I have to admit that the Partial Samm has been growing more interesting with every scene. He's a unique character who is being more affected by humanity than he realizes, and I'm very excited to see what the end of his arch will look like.

I had a great time reading Partials, and Fragments turned out be even stronger than its predecessor. The entire series has been memorable so far, a powerful emotional and thought-provoking journey that continues to take bold risks and asks the question of "What truly makes us different from them?" A highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys the YA/post-apocalyptic genre, and for anyone who wants something to think about at the end of the day.


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