Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pure Morning

With all the writing I've been doing lately and all my releases coming up (including one next week that I'm really excited to share), you can imagine that I've been listening to lots of music. There have been lots of great tracks that keep me going, including these:

1. Heart In A Cage - The Strokes
2. Luxferree - Samael
3. The Man Who Laughs - Rob Zombie
4. Blood - Emigrate
5. Not Ready To Die - Demon Hunter
6. Death Bros - Cancer Bats
7. Action - Powerman 5000
8. Observation Slave - Soilwork
9. Recover - Device
10. Edge Of The Earth - 30 Seconds To Mars
11. Pure Morning - Placebo
12. The Radiance - It Dies Today
13. Get Your Body Beat - Combichrist
14. The Scorpion Sleeps - Rob Zombie
15. Change Or Die - Papa Roach
16. See You On The Outside - Blessthefall
17. Quest - Epic Score
18. In Time - Mark Collie

"Pure Morning" by Placebo is my favorite on this list, even though the lyrics don't really pertain to anything I've written so far. It's one of those songs that's kind of open to interpretation, but when I listen to it, I tend to tune out the lyrics and focus on the beat. I love the way the song sounds, the smooth, dark melody filled with edgy synth and guitars almost reminds me of a sword, of which most my characters have no shortage of.

Hope you enjoyed a song on this list! Next week, a brand new release! ;)



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