Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blood Moon: False Chase

Blood Moon 5 is now completed and ready to read! This was yet another story in the series that started off rocky until I made some tweaks and gave it a new angle. I hope you enjoy it!

Damon's new pupil, Skylar, is driving him crazy. He isn't surprised when she wanders off, but Skylar has gotten herself into more trouble than Damon realizes. To rescue her, he'll have to reveal his other side. But doing so will create consequences, and Damon isn't the only one with a nasty surprise planned...

- - -

- - -

Originally, I planned to open the story with Damon showing Skylar how to hunt. Then it occurred to me that Skylar is now a powerful predator. She doesn't need to be shown how to hunt. She knows. What I want her to lack is control, and I think that by the end it was pretty clear how little control she has.

Damon is the epitome of a calm wolf. More or less. Yes, he gets angry, but he maintains the control that Skylar obscenely lacks, and he knows that trying to teach her is going to be difficult. For me, Omega wolves are at the bottom of the chain and therefore nearly as wild as a natural wolf. I have a lot of plans for Damon and Skylar, and think their story is going to be really unique and complicated.

Hope you enjoyed the story!


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