Saturday, 14 June 2014

Too Much Power Leads To Bad Things

I decided to give Kim Harrison's Hollows series a try a couple years ago. I admit that it took me a little while to get into, but like the Sookie Stackhouse books, I gave them a chance. And I was not disappointed. The Hollows centers around a witch named Rachel Morgan as she deals with vampires, demons, werewolves, witches, pixies, elves, and all sorts of other strange creatures. Rachel certainly knows how to have an advanture, and that remains true with the twelfh book in the series, The Undead Pool.

Who doesn't like a sexy cover?
To sum up for those who might be behind the series, Rachel has saved the mystical Ever-After, and now works as security for Trent Kalamack, a man she once loathed but has begun to be attracted to. Strange magic and misfired spells begin leaking around from centers of Rachel's witchcraft, and as she begins to find out the cause, she finds herself in more danger than she could imagine. Living vampires are getting out of control and brewing a supernatural war. In order to stop them, Rachel may have to use ties to wild magic, something that no one should ever try to manipulate.

This is a Hollows book at its best. All the elements that fans love remain here, from Rachel's spitfire attitude, to Jenks' curses, to Ivy's ferocity. The story had some good twists and surprising elements, and I was really shocked at the book's last scene with Rachel's demon mentor, Al.

I enjoyed the story, the conspiracy to get back at vampires using dangerous elf magic. I've always enjoyed the vampire mythology in this series, and all the reasons why were evident here. It wasn't what I was expecting, and I enjoyed it immensely. Another thing I found myself liking was the relationship between Trent and Rachel. I was always a Kisten girl (long story short, he was a balanced vampire), but I admit that it's been fun to watch them grow. All the characters in the Hollows series have come a long way, Rachel especially, and you can see all the characters reaching the ends of their arch's as the series draws to a close (only one more book!).

If I have a small complaint, it comes as one from a fangirl, and that's in relation to the latest deaths in the series (Spoiler Alert!) I was never much for Pierce, but I loved Ceri, who had been in the books for a very long time. I remember being stunned when they died and I was kind of hoping that Rachel would be reflecting more on their deaths. Particularly when it came to Quen, Trent's bodyguard. I wanted to know how he was dealing with being a more or less single father, caring for the daughter of the woman he loved and lost. End spoiler.

But that's just a small speck of dust on an otherwise pristine mirror. I really enjoyed this book and while it will be sad to see the series end, I can't wait to read the final story of Rachel and her friends. Harrison's strength has always been the characters she created and the adventures she sends them on. For those who haven't considered the Hollows books, I would recommend them. The Undead Pool works as a standalone story, but the context will make more sense if you read the other books first. Definitely a series worth checking out if you enjoy urban fantasy, complex romance, unforgettable twists, and don't mind a swearing pixy.


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