Thursday, 8 May 2014

Your Star

I'm only posting a quick playlist because this weekend is Mother's Day and I want to make sure I get a lot of editing done so I can spend time with her. I'll be focusing on Cursed: Dark Divinity's edits today since I've finished the Areios Brother prequel, Cold Trail. I also finished a short story for a competition on Figment. I admit I had a little trouble with this short because it's been a while since I've done a word restrictive challenge. Not to say it wasn't fun and I didn't come up with something, but word counts can be tricky. Anyway, here's the list of songs I've been listening to lately:

1. Dead But Rising - Volbeat
2. Beautiful - Social Code
3. For You - Killswitch Engage
4. Across The Highlands - Kamelot
5. The Hollow - A Perfect Circle
6. Last Line Lady - Baptized In Blood
7. Walk With Me In Hell - Lamb Of God
8. A Rumor Of Skin - Stone Sour
9. Transference - Children Of Bodom
10. Your Star - Evanescence
11. Sacrifice - Disturbed
12. Old School Hollywood - System Of A Down
13. Zombie - The Cranberries
14. 24 - Jem
15. Stand My Ground - Within Temptation
16. The Promise Of Fever - Cradle Of Filth
17. Sudden Movements - Billy Talent
18. Rain - Samael

I've always been a huge fan of this band, and Your Star by Evanescence is one of my favorite songs by them. It's got a beautiful, dark, haunting tone, which was fitting as it was written by the lead singer when one of her band members had a stroke and nearly died. I tend to use the song when my characters are going through a near death experience. It was especially useful in Cold Trail, since there were times where Liam was scared to death and certain he was going to be killed. Remember that you can check out Cold Trail on Authonomy and Figment for a limited time! Cheers!


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