Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekly Recap

Well, I got the simple stuff done. Honestly, I didn't get as much completed as I wanted to because I was wrapped up in writing the prequel short for the Areios Brothers, which will be called Cold Trail. I've only got one chapter left to go and then I can edit it, and then it will be on to other projects. Here's what I managed to finish.

• Complete first mini blog short story and send it out for review
• Plan/think more on Eternity Blood and get it ready to go
Needfire edits
Cursed: Dark Divinity edits
Cursed: Damnation's Door start
• Post Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapter 7
• Post Hollow Hill chapters 10 & 11

I'll be taking Eternity Blood and Needfire off the list since I'm not paying as much attention to them as I originally wanted to. I know, I'm awful. I'm not forgetting them (I have another To-Do List on my phone), just putting them aside for now. This is what I'm going to try and get done this week:

• Finish Cold Trail
• Start a good vs bad twin flash story for a competition I want to enter
Cursed: Dark Divinity and Cold Trail edits
• Start Cursed: Damnation's Door

I have a bit of a sporadic mind, and sometimes it's hard for me to focus on one project for more than a couple days. I'm trying to get better with that, and hopefully this week I'll improve on it. For now, cheers!


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