Thursday, 24 April 2014


I'm hoping to finish editing Shallow Water today (got 8.5hrs in yesterday before my brain shut off), and seems like forever since I've done up a playlist, so this is today's quick post. Here's what I've been listening to lately:

1. Forever In Your Hands - All That Remains
2. Cut Me Up Jenny - Taking Back Sunday
3. Ich Tu Dir Weh - Rammstein
4. Love Song - KoRn
5. Put Your Death Mask On - Wednesday 13
6. The Damned - Chevelle
7. Question! - System Of A Down
8. The Northern - Alexisonfire
9. Self Deception - Lacuna Coil
10. Ready To Fall - Rise Against
11. Magnolia Blvd. - Butcher Babies
12. Violence Fetish - Disturbed
13. Youngbloods - Blessthefall
14. Waiting Around - Idle Sons
15. Suck It Up - Bloodsimple
16. Zombie Fistfight - Combichrist
17. Wishmaster - Nightwish
18. 93 Million Miles - 30 Seconds To Mars

Youngbloods by Blessthefall is one of my favorite songs by them. It's a fast, wicked track and while I have no problem writing to it, sometimes I feel like I can't catch up! Despite how aggressive it sounds, I find it an uplifting song about soldering through tough times, and never giving up no matter who's standing in your way. I most associate this song with Leon from my Agents of Limbo series, which I'm hopefully going to start again in November for NaNo. I have one or two other stories I want to get done first, but there's seven months until then. Who knows what will happen!


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