Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekly Recap

I was proud of myself for doing major catch-ups this week. I restarted Cursed: Dark Divinity, and while I had a little bit of a rough start, I've managed to pick up the pace significantly. Last week I wrote about six chapters. Yup. I didn't do much by the way of editing, but I did get a little time in. Maybe this week I'll focus more on it.

• New Cursed: Dark Divinity storyline
Shallow Water edits/new scenes
• Restart Cursed: Dark Divinity

• Keep working on Eternity Blood

Since I'm mainly focusing on Cursed: Dark Divinity (I've become addicted to it again), this week's goals are pretty short and simple:

Shallow Water edits
Cursed 3 storyline
Eternity Blood options
• Think about mini-blog series

I'm still thinking of how to set up the mini blog series I want to try, and as for Eternity Blood, well, here's what happened:

I liked the characters and I liked the idea I was going with, but something was off. I wasn't enjoying the story the way I had before. I found that while I was writing it, I was forcing the words out. I was losing my inspiration and sense of fun. This isn't the first time this has happened to me or any other author, but I think I have another idea to turn it around and make it into something new and completely interesting. I'm going to be thinking more about it and while it might not be completed for publication by the summer, at least I'll be writing something I enjoy.

This week will be a little shorter for me, since I leave on Thursday to Calgary for Easter with my family. It'll be a fun little trip and I intend to catch up on all the books I'm behind on. Mainly, I want to finish Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan, then move onto Forever Song by Julie Kagawa (I need to know what happens!) and Peacemaker by K.A. Stewart, one of my favorite authors. I can think of no better way to spend a 3.5hr road trip.

I'll make one other post before I leave, but for now, cheers!


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