Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekly Recap

I got way more done in Cuba than I intended, even more than I posted on this list. This is what I got done in the last two weeks:

Cursed: Dark Divinity story line options
Elemental Army story line revise/edit/complete
• Begin story lines for two new series (Iron Angel, a dystopian sci-fi fantasy series with mutants and super-powered humans, and Abducted, my first alien/sci-fi series)
• Finish the story lines for the Areios Brothers

Read as many books as I can (this was hard since I dropped my Kobo in the water... Sigh... But I got two of them done!)
Take lots of photos of beaches, sand, food, and drink
• Get a good tan!

Now that I'm home and slowly getting back on track, here are my goals for this week:

• Finish Eternity Blood storyline
• Extend and edit Eternity Blood
Cursed 2 & 3 storylines
Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapter 6 edit
Hollow Hill chapters 8 & 9 edit as well as other edits
Shallow Water edits
• Restart Cursed: Dark Divinity (if I can find time)

That's a lot of editing that I'm setting myself up for, but I want to get back into the Cursed series now that my best friend helped me finally get past the writers block for it. I won't give anything away obviously, but let's just say that things are gonna get crazy for Constance and Dro.

This week I have to send most of my stuff back to Edmonton for my move, but I do want to get more of Eternity Blood finished now that I'm extending it to a full length novel. Long story short, I was editing away and started adding more scenes... and more scenes... and more scenes, until I realized I was having too much fun with my characters. So I'm giving them more adventures, going into more detail, and making it a lot more intense. Hopefully, I'll have both Eternity Blood and Needfire ready to self-publish by this summer.

With all of that in mind, I guess now would be a good time to get to work! Cheers!


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