Thursday, 27 March 2014

Eternity Blood

What's the best thing about getting a rejection notice? You can do whatever you want with the leftovers.

I sent in a short story to be considered for an anthology revolving about monsters and magic drinks. My story wasn't accepted, but like Needfire, I loved it too much to let it go. So I decided to keep going with it.

The original Eternity Blood was about a woman named Veronika who went from being a vampire's slave to a formidable vampire hunter. When her husband is bitten by a diseased vampire, she reverts to going back to her old life to steal a cure to save him.

I don't mind giving away the synopsis, because it's changed since the original version. Reviewers who read Eternity Blood suggested I add more background and detail. The more I edited and added, the more I became invested in Veronika's story. I enjoyed creating a character who started off broken and turned into someone fierce and defiant.

As I kept going and went into the mythology behind the Eternity Blood, I realized I didn't want to make it the same story it had been. In this new, full length version, I took away the simplicity and turned the situations into something more complicated. I gave Veronika an even darker back story, increased the action scenes, and made her relationships with her mentor Eli and smooth-talking Lucius more interesting.

Right now, Eternity Blood is in the editing phase as I work on the details of the world. I've got the rest of the story planned out and it's been going well. I'm planning to release the final version sometime in the summer. It will be my first, full length self-published story. I'm really enjoy writing it and will happily update you all on the progress of the story, maybe even giving up some teaser pieces and chapters as we get closer to a release date.

Be on the lookout for more!


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