Thursday, 20 March 2014

Back In Bronze

I'm officially back in cold, wet, snowy Canada, a far cry from the blazing, beautiful Cuban sun. Sigh. However, two weeks was a good amount of time to be away. I had an absolute blast: Sun almost every day, white sand beaches, ocean water, excellent free food, dolphins, catamarans, crabs, tours, friendly people, moonlight walks on the sand, getting an actual tan that was noticeable to everyone for once, laughing at my brother and his friends after they played over 30 games of Beer Pong...

Feet on the sand... Nothing like it.
View from the Royalton lobby, the best resort I've ever been to.
 The first week was pretty much a blur of sitting on the beach, relaxing in the sun, and doing plot work. I want to say that I got a lot of reading done to, but then I would have to lie and say I'm not a klutz. Long story short: Kobo e-readers are not waterproof. I almost cried when I broke it, but on writing this I'm pleased to say that I have a brand new e-reader and am catching up on all the books I listed not too long ago.

Crepes that were flambeed right in front of you after dinner.
Love that water...
I made the most of my e-reader disaster that week though. Instead of moping and being jealous that my brother's girlfriend would sit beside me and use her e-reader (no, not out of spite– she's absolutely wonderful, and I loved talking about the books she was reading into), I decided to get through all of my story lines. I built worlds, wrote characters, planned adventures. I got through Cursed: Dark Divinity, Areios Brothers, Elemental Army, Iron Angel, and Abducted. One week was down, another one to go...

Wally the very friendly dolphin.
Pelicans behind a concrete boat. Yes, concrete.
The second week was a bit busier. We did three excursions: swimming with dolphins, a private catamaran tour that took us to lunch, more dolphins, a coral reef where I saw my first Barracuda (holy @#$% those things are fast), and a private island for us to explore, and a tour of Havana. But I still needed to occupy my mind, so I worked on another two series that I haven't looked at in a while. What was great was that there was an entertainment worker there who not only listened to the same bands I do and liked the same comics and movies, but he was a writer who was kind enough to look through my work and tell me what he thought. He enjoyed what he read, so that's a good sign!

The waves crashing over a road in Havana.
My first time holding starfish!

Even those extra story lines didn't eat up the rest of my time, however. So I gave in and wrote some new, random scenes for Agents of Limbo, as well as two steampunk series that I've been thinking about doing in the future. I also got started on a new scene for Eternity Blood, which I'm looking forward to getting into again. While I miss Cuba, I have to say that I missed sitting down at my computer and writing. But I'm back and slipping into writer mode again. I move back to Edmonton in 12 days so it will be hectic next week, but I will get more work done on Eternity Blood, Needfire, and Areios Brothers 2.

In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, and will be posting a book blog on Saturday. I did manage to read 2 books before my Kobo had its cataclysmic water encounter, so there will be a review! If you want to see more images from my trip, take a look at my Instagram page and leave some love!


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