Sunday, 2 February 2014

Monthly Goals: February

February is going to be a busy month, mostly filled with edits. I'm looking forward to that. Not. Oh well, I read a post somewhere once that said half of writing is editing. Good thing I love what I write.

I managed to get the Agent of Limbo series outline completely redone and will be looking to re-write the first story again soon. Cursed: Dark Divinity is still at a roadblock until I can figure out how I want the series to end, and hopefully an idea will spring to me soon.

Right now what I'm working on are some anthologies that I want to get posted. There are four that I want to complete this month and am nearly done my first one. I've also got another short story called Eternity Blood that I may publish as an ebook once reviews come back on it. Also, I've finally decided what I'm doing with Needfire, so once the edits are done for it I'll work on publishing it, too.

 Well, those are the goals. I'm going to be working hard on them, so stay tuned for more updates and chapter/teaser posts!


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