Monday, 4 November 2013

Weekly Recap

Well, despite it all, I managed to get a lot accomplished last week. Such as:

• Post the next chapter of Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Edit through chapter 2 of Cursed: Demon's Daughter and prep it for posting at the end of Nov.
• Short story for Halloween (which is almost finished and just needs some editing)
• Final preparations for Hollow Hill 
• Begin NaNoWriNo and Hollow Hill

The progress on Hollow Hill and NaNo is going really, really well. As of right now, I have a grand total of five chapters and 18,288 words completed. This week's goals are pretty simple:

• Continue writing chapters for Hollow Hill and NaNo

This week should be busy with work and trying to figure out the best bus routes (oh public transit, you have become the bane of my existence again), but I'm in love with this November story and will be spending every second I can writing it. Have a great week everyone!


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