Friday, 20 September 2013

An Early Halloween Is My Business...

Just some quick notes... New business cards came in! I got them from Vistaprint with a silver case so shiny I could blind someone from a block away. It's kind of amazing.

New business cards and their sexy, shiny card have arrived! Don't mind my way too long bangs- look at the cards!
As another side note, since Halloween is my favorite holiday (seriously, why not just call it a holiday already? Most kids are out getting sugar rushes and all the older kids want to go to the adult parties and get drunk), and my mom sent me an amazing recipe for Glass Shard and Blood Cupcakes (doesn't that sound delicious?), I'm thinking about writing a short story to post on Halloween. What are some of your favorite monsters so I know what to orient it around?

Cursed snippet coming tomorrow! Countdown's begun!


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