Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Starting Point

My friend once told me that I have an overactive imagination. I wonder if he knew at the time how right he was. I've always had a creative mind and a daydreamer. One of the feelings I've always loved was that feeling you get when you have a good book in your hands, and you just fall into it. You get involved in the world, the characters, their actions, and it wasn't long before I started doing some creative writing of my own. It started out as fan fiction of course, but soon enough I wanted to make my own characters and worlds. Thus, here I am. I decided to take my creative writing a step further and try for a professional level.

So what do I write? Urban fantasy and fantasy, and always something with a monster. I'm a huge monster fangirl and have loved old world mythology since I was a child. In case you're wondering: Vampires and the Greeks are my favorites. I'm also huge into angel lore and demonology.

What am I working on right now? Well, I'm a chronic multi-tasker and have a brain that won't shut off. I've got two stories on the go, one with sisters fighting demons, which I'm planning to make into a trilogy but may throw in a short story near the end, and the second is a much longer series about two half human, half vampire brothers living in an alternate universe with an extraordinary power that connects them to the afterlife. I'm also currently doing the background for a large steampunk series I want to do. I won't spoil any more than that, but I fully intend to post parts of the first chapters for each series sometime later this month or next. They're in the editing phase right now, aka the bane of my existance.

What can you expect from me and my blog? I fully intend to keep the posts fun and frequent. I'll post updates and snippets of what I write, and always welcome feedback. I need music to write as much as I need my computer to help me focus, so you can expect playlists of what I listen to. Be advised: I'm a metalhead. I'm talking DevilDriver and Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch. My music won't be for everyone, but it will give anyone who's interested a look at how my mind works.

I'm fairly new to the whole blog thing, but I love what I do and like to share it with other people. I'm not joking when I say that I literally am writing or editing or planning whenever I have a spare second. On planes, trains, or automobiles, I'm working away. When I'm at home, on my days off, I just get comfy and get started. That might sound a little repetitive and boring to some, but the truth of the matter is that I love doing it. When I write, I'm content and excited at the same time, eager to get from one scene to the next because even though I know what will happen, I want to keep up with the adventures I put my characters in. There is nothing I love to do more, and I hope that passion will show in my work when I share it.

So, I think this has been a decent enough first post? I'll post another update within a week. Until then!


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