Thursday, 30 June 2016

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!

Yes, the title says it all– I'm moving from this blog to a brand new website. I'm still having challenges with Wordpress, so it's safe to say that what I've uploaded won't be the final website. I'd like to add a bunch of other features but as I've learned recently, Wordpress is very stubborn about what you can't and can't do.

Anyway, the site is cleaner and a lot more organized, and I'm happy with it design wise! Check it out below!

I will be keeping the blog open to redirect traffic, and potentially open my book shop. Once I understand more of what I have to do (website creation is not my forte), I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for stopping by this final time!



1 comment:

  1. Hey Amy, the new website is looking great! Good for you for going fully independent and onto a platform that allows you full creativity and the features you want. Best of luck with creating the new bookshop, I'm sure it's going to be brilliant. Also, good idea in keeping the blog online as a redirect, it's amazing how many people lose regular traffic through not considering little things like that!