Thursday, 3 March 2016

STORM BORN Cover Reveal!

Well, I promised a cover reveal on Thursday, and I am here to deliver on that promise. So without further adieu, here is the official cover and synopsis for my upcoming standalone novel, Storm Born. 

A single night can change your life… for the worst.

It’s been a century since the last Centennial Storm, the calamitous phenomenon that covered the world in disasters– tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, and dust storms– caused not by nature, but by alien creatures from another realm. The Stormkind.
Ava Reid tries not to think about that night, when she was caught in a hurricane and brought face to face with one of the Stormkind, the man with a dagger, and the agony she felt when he stabbed her with a crystal blade. Yet as she and the rest of Florida’s citizens begin to rebuild their lives, Ava can’t help but notice strange things happening around her. Things she seems to be causing. The gusts of wind and sudden floods attract the attentions of a mysterious stranger who leaves her clues, and the deadlier men following her.
It isn’t long before Ava is swept up into a wild conspiracy, led by a secret society that knows the truth about the Stormkind– and what their enemies have planned for the world she loves. If she wishes to protect her friends and her family, Ava must harness her strange new abilities and become part of the Stormkind society. Because if she loses control, there will be no force strong enough to stop her…

As usual, the wonderful team at Deranged Doctor Design did a spectacular job putting all this together. I'm thrilled about the cover and entering the excited/nervous stage of pre-release. There are a couple more copy-edits and read-throughs to do, but I'm hoping to have the pre-order links and media kit prepared within the next couple weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to schedule a couple spotlights and blog hops, and of course there will be plenty of giveaways.

I'll start the official promos in a couple weeks, though I do have some other exciting news about Damnation's Door, the final book in the Cursed trilogy. I was recently given a spot on Xpresso Book Tours, which will feature the official cover reveal for on March 20. I'm super excited about this opportunity, and can't wait to see what kind of interest it will generate. As of now, the book can be shelved on Goodreads, and promos for that will likely start in mid-April.

So there you go! I'll be using more of the fabulous graphics Deranged Doctor Design provided me (seriously, they're amazing) and will be updating the blog frequently. Stay tuned!



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