Thursday, 14 January 2016

Progress Report (And My First Fan Art!)

Things are still moving along steadily. I'm still progressing with the latest instalment of the Areios BrothersStorm of the Gods, which I'm glad will be a long series. Not just because I like writing it, but because it's a great learning exercise. There are certain details that will have to be redone from the beginning, but the more I progress and make some changes, the stronger the series seems to be come.

Thankfully, it will be at least another year before I release the first Areios Brothers novel, since I'm focusing on Dark Sky right now, particularly Crimson Sky, the first book!

My giveaway copies came in yesterday, which means there will be plenty of contests coming up on various blogs and websites. I'm still waiting on responses for open dates, but if you stay tuned to my Twitter and blog, you'll be among the first to know where to find the giveaways and how to enter. In the meantime, remember to pre-order your copies of Crimson Sky on KindleNookKoboGoodreads, or Smashwords

Look at them! You know you want them, and the swag that will come with them!
While all this is going on, I'm going to be considering my entry for Mocha Memoirs latest steampunk horror anthology. I have a few ideas I'm playing around with, though I might go with another short prequel for the Dark Sky series featuring the three marauders, Sawyer, Gemma, and Nash. It seemed to work in my favour last time

Last but not least, I have fan art! My best friend is an artist and as a belated Christmas gift to me, she drew fan art of Claire and Sawyer!

That definitely brightened my day, believe me. 

So that's what's new and on the way! I'm as excited as ever about all these projects and can't wait to see how they all turn out. Hope everyone continues to have a great week! 



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