Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sunday Snippet: "They were horrendous for her, and deadly for us."

Now that I'm pretty well ready for NaNoWriMo and am drawing to the end of my seven-day-in-a-row work week (my feet and back are killing me, but my arms are pretty rad now), and I'm recovering from reading the entire Divergent series (read the super-spoilery review here), I'm ready to get into some serious writing, editing, and book marketing. The book marketing will come first, since the release date for Dark Divinity is looming ahead. So, for this week's 8Sunday for Weekending Writing Warriors, I'm going to carry on with the first chapter of Dark Divinity. I skipped ahead from last week because I wanted to get closer to the action, so here's part of a scene where main character Constance Ramirez is preparing to wake up her little sister so they can move on their journey.

Dro shifted, moaning softly. I tensed, waiting to see what she would do. She always got nervous about sleeping beside Max. It was impossible to predict when Dro would have a nightmare. They were horrendous for her, and deadly for us. The only consolation we had was that Max was gifted too. He was a psychic whose foresight increased by touch. If he sensed a nightmare coming, he would warn us. After that... Well, our survival would depend on how fast we could run.

Hell has risen. Heaven is descending. Sacrifices are made...

It’s been two months since Constance Ramirez’s adopted sister Andromeda was used as the Key to opening the Gates of Heaven and Hell. They escaped with their lives, but made countless enemies as a result.

Now that demons are beginning to weave into ordinary lives, their only hope is to find a way to close the Gates of Heaven and Hell before the angels and demons begin a war. Something that becomes only harder as one of Constance’s deadliest enemies resurfaces.

But as they struggle to stay alive and find the Gates, they learn that a huge sacrifice will be required if they succeed, and this time, Constance isn’t sure the cost will outweigh the reward...

Remember that you can read more of chapter one on this page. I plan to finish up a couple other projects while November creeps up, but my focus is on book marketing. I need to figure out 1.) a schedule, 2.) how best to go about it, and 3.) simply how to do it!

A note to all my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors: I'll be looking for reviewers. If you're interested, email me at amybraunauthor (at) gmail (dot) com. I know at least one of you will be interested (you know who you are), but I'm always looking for new opinions and will happily exchange reviews and do blog hops.

To everyone else, have a great week and a fun Halloween. I don't know if there will be a book review on Saturday, because it's going to be Halloween, aka, the best holiday ever!




  1. Let's hope the poor girl doesn't have any nightmares.

    Nah. That wouldn't be any fun. Let's hope she has LOTS of nightmares.

    1. It is pretty entertaining to have a character that will literally catch fire at the most spontaneous times. ;)

  2. Wow Amy, Dro sounds potent. So does Max! Can't wait to read more.

  3. Max is an excellent sleeping partner for Dro, for more than one reason. :-) Still, I can see why it would be nerve-wracking.

    email coming your way later on!

  4. Oooh! Love it. That last part especially.

  5. Hopefully they're good at running, then. I sense bad things coming.

    1. Well, Constance and Dro have been running from one kind of danger or another for most of their lives, so they know how to do it. The only question is whether or not they'll be fast enough. ;)

  6. Cool excerpt, loved the details about what happens when she has a nightmare. It entices me to read the entire book for sure!