Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blood Moon: Blood Trial

Since I didn't have time to do it yesterday (back at the Real Job now), I decided to make this month's Blood Moon novella part of my usual update. Next week I'll probably have a lot to update, so for now, enjoy the next 17th chapter in the Blood Moon series!

On hearing that his nemesis, Quentin Troy, has taken the town of Black Hawk hostage and is threatening to expose the Council's secret to the human world, the only thing Alec Vermont wants to do is join the strike team in their final attempt to capture the bloodthirsty rogue. But Alec's past continues to haunt him, and it is time for him to pay his dues, and the Council is determined to have Alec pay the ultimate price for the crimes he's been framed for. 

But Alec refuses to go quietly. He knows he's innocent of the accusations being placed on him, and that his opponent will be like none he has ever faced before. To prove his innocence, Alec will have to do the one thing he does does– survive.

This chapter is shorter than the usual Blood Moon chapters, but it was just as fun. It was a little challenging to figure out how Alec would defeat an enemy who could literally crush him with his bare hands. I had to change the direction of the final battle a few times to actually find a situation Alec would come out the victor.

Though it did help that at the time of writing this story, I was also working on Hunt of the Gods, the second installment of the Areios Brothers series. Writing two fight scenes for two different stories can be overwhelming, but it did get my mind flowing with ideas.

Hope you guys enjoyed this free read! If you liked what you read, leave a comment below. Or just stop by to say hello.



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