Thursday, 3 September 2015

Progress Report, Sales, And An Upcoming Contest!

Things are picking up again! Work on Trick of the Gods is going steady, and yesterday I completed around half of the edits for Crimson Sky, the first Dark Sky novel, scheduled to start its release in February 2016. There are some challenges I might be facing, but I'm aiming to get the Beta edits done soon and to my editor by October, which is when I'm expecting the cover art for the second Cursed novel, Dark Divinity.

Speaking of Cursed, I have some really exciting news regarding Demon's Daughter! One Book Two, a new review site I've been working with for reviews on Path of the Horseman (if any indie authors are reading this, look them up and work with them because they offer unique reviews and are super nice people) has chosen to feature Demon's Daughter as part of their first Rafflecopter contest! I'm very excited about this! The contest starts tomorrow, so be on the lookout for posts about entering on my Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as One Book Two's website. One lucky winner will get a signed paperback copy of Demon's Daughter, which leads me to the next bit of news.

Demon's Daughter and Path of the Horseman are now available for around $3.00! I say around $3.00 because both books have been out for a while now, and it seems time for a price drop.

And that's what's going on at the moment! I'm super happy with these experiments and risks, and really look forward to more in a few months when I release my next novel. Lots of work to do, and I'm still loving every second of it!


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