Thursday, 27 August 2015

Progress Report

Things have been moving along nicely this week! The first bit of news I have is for everyone who wants to know about Dark Divinity, the Cursed sequel. I've completed the edits and contacted the cover artist. Their schedule is pretty full, but I'll be getting a lot of graphics when they begin the project in October. On my end, all that remains is formatting, promo, and distribution. Rather than use BookBaby again, I'm going to publish them through sites like Kindle and Kobo myself. It will mean sharing profits with those companies, but other than that there will be no cost. I plan to release four full novels and two novellas next year, and it's just too expensive for me spend $300 at every turn.

So I'll be doing even more leg work next time around, but hopefully some of these distribution sites (Smashwords included) will have a print option. Because let's be honest– wouldn't everyone like to have a physical copy of Path of the Horseman and Demon's Daughter in their hands?

Crimson Sky should be back from my Beta Reader any day now. I've got an editor lined up and ready to go, so I'm excited to start prepping that new series. By today, I should finish the next installment of Blood Moon, which will be shorter than the usual installments, but no less exciting. I kinda maybe went overboard with it. Just a fair warning.

And of course, I'm continuing to work on the first draft of Trick of the Gods. I'm close to the half way point, and it's a lot of fun. I still have yet to take a step back and look at the whole of what I'm creating, but I have some new ideas that should add to the series and make it more exciting down the road.

And that's all that's happening right now! I might have some more news on the way, but I'll be saving it for next week, since I'm sure September will bring some kind of new excitement.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


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