Monday, 31 August 2015

Monthly Goals: September (And Weekly Goals)

Since they're on the same day, I thought it would make sense to have both in one post. I'll start with the weekly recap, where I got everything I wanted done:

• Continue writing Trick of the Gods
• Finish edits for Dark Divinity

Contact for cover to be made for Dark Divinity 
Write the next installment of Blood Moon 

Since Dark Divinity only needs one more read-through for nitpicking and formatting (uuuggghhh), I'm going to leave it alone until October when I get the cover and promotional art. I'm super excited to see what Deranged Doctor Design comes up with this time. That being said, now that I have my suggestions back from a Beta Reader, I can put Crimson Sky back on the list (and oh, does it need to be). Here's what I want to do this week, if I can:

• Continue writing Trick of the Gods (Complete if possible)
• Begin Beta edits for Crimson Sky
Look over edits for Obsidian Sky (I haven't done my own editing read-through yet)

As much as fun as I'm having with Trick of the Gods, I want to finish the draft and move onto the projects that I need to complete soon. I mean, technically, I don't have any deadlines (perks of being an indie author!), but I would like to keep to the schedule I have on my To Do List. Which leads me into the monthly goals...

This month was pretty amazing as far as writing goes. I managed to complete the edits for the second book in the Cursed trilogy, Dark Divinity. I was featured in a guest post on Armand Rosamilia's blog, and reviewed two books for a fellow indie author. This past month also saw the release of my latest short story, Hell To Pay, featured in Legends Of Sleepy Hollow: Original Tales Of Terror From America's Spookiest Village.

Next month is going to be tricky for me to write in, mostly because for two weeks I'll be on vacation. Oh, I'm still planning to do some writing while I'm gone (because I couldn't stop even if I wanted to), though I'm not sure what it will be. I plan to finish Trick of the Gods soon, though I'll be having a huge editing interlude before I begin work on the currently untitled sequel. During that interlude, I'll be going through Crimson Sky and Obsidian Sky, working to polish one and close the plot holes/details in the other. Before the end of the month, I'll also be taking time to write the next installment of Blood Moon (not the one I'm about to post), which could put off the Arieos Brothers sequel to October. Either way, there will be a lot of planning on my vacation as I travel back and forth between three countries at a breakneck speed. I honestly can't wait!

Honestly, I think that's it for news. Taking two weeks out of my writing schedule to travel is warranted (almost every person at my Real Job has told me I need a vacation), but it also makes it hard to plan. Though come October, I'm sure I'll be swarmed with new projects and challenges. All of which I can't wait to meet head-on.

Enjoy the last bit of summer!


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