Monday, 4 May 2015

Weekly Recap

Only got one major project crossed off my To Do List last week (the Crimson Sky edits), but thankfully there were other things that needed to be– and were– completed:

• Complete Crimson Sky edits, send to Alpha reader, then begin Midnight Sky edits
• Begin promos for Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Post Blood Moon 12
• Complete first draft and edit through Amber Sky, the first Dark Sky novella (in process of writing)
• Look for new open submissions
• Plan and begin open submissions due in June

I intend to get a lot work done in the next couple weeks, but this is what's on my mind right now:

• Continue Midnight Sky edits
Cursed: Demon's Daughter final formatting and book proof request
• Begin promos for Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Continue first draft and edit through Amber Sky, the first Dark Sky novella
• Begin short story submissions
• Begin Smoke Sky, the second Dark Sky novella
Avast, Ye Airships! contest start

The editing should hopefully be done in the next couple days, and Amber Sky is about 8400 words in. My goal is to complete as much of the Dark Sky series as I can before I take on all the submissions I've lined up for myself. However, I think my focus today will be the on the short story I'm entering for Siren's Call Publishing. I had a concept in mind, but the idea started taking serious shape literally the second I woke up. Sometimes it's crazy how my mind works.

Also, it's time for me to see how Cursed: Demon's Daughter looks in print! I decided to cheat my way out of the stupid header problem (aka, use footers only instead), so I'm hoping to have it all done, read over, and sent to Createspace so I can get a draft printed and see how it looks once it's put together. From there I can determine a solid release date.

You also probably noticed the point about the Avast, Ye Airships! contest. If you read yesterday's 8Sunday post, you probably already know that the contest will start on Thursday (my first one ever!). It'll be the first one I've ever done, and I'm excited to see what the results will be.

So that's what's going on! Lots is on the way, and I can already tell that May will be a super busy month. Can't wait to see how much I can get done! Hope everyone has a great week!



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