Saturday, 28 February 2015

Monthly Goals: March

February was definitely a busy month. I was fortunate enough to be featured in four interviews/guest posts from fellow authors. The first one was with S. H. Roddey, where I talked about Valentine's Day and horror. Next up was a guest post on Wynelda Deaver's blog, to explain how I juggle writing and real life. The following week was a post on the Mocha Memoirs blog to further celebrate Women In Horror Month. Last but not least was an interview with Steven Southard, with a surprising guest in the comments. Also, just released to me yesterday, you can listen to most of the first chapter of Needfire on Steve Cook's Tumblr, Youtube, and iTunes podcast. Very exciting!

Still available on Kindle and Kobo.
Most of these authors were part of Mocha Memoirs' newest steampunk anthology, Avast, Ye Airships!, which features my short story, Lost Sky, the idea that inspired my Dark Sky trilogy.

In that note, last month I also completed the first draft of the Dark Sky sequel, Midnight Sky. I'm stepping back from the series for a little while, as I've sent out my draft of Cursed: Demon's Daughter to my editor, and am going to be starting the Bond novella within the next couple weeks. I've been kind of shying away from it because the project is pretty intimidating for someone who writes in first person and isn't exactly a Bond superfan, but no more delaying! Now, some updates on Path of the Horseman. As you can see below, the cover is done, and it looks fantastic. I'm very excited about it's completion, though I am still weighing the merits of publishing for a larger reader base, or taking my chances independently and releasing it sooner. While I weigh the pros and cons of both, enjoy Avery looking badass as Las Vegas burns around him. Alternatively, enjoy the snippets and chapter previews I've posted on the blog here and here.

While Bond is the next project on the docket after my current short story project (a preview will come tomorrow with 8Sunday), I do want to take a look at some other open submissions. After those and Bond are completed, I'll write the next Blood Moon short story and return to Dark Sky, both to edit and continue the series with two novella prequels and the final novel.

Someone's going to be super busy, but spring is on its way, bringing new adventures with it. Can't wait to experience them.


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