Monday, 17 November 2014

Weekly Recap

Last week I struggled with writers block, my least favorite thing in the world. I did manage to get in some new words and accomplish my goals:
• Continue Path of the Horseman
• Think about storyline for Authonomy competition

As of yesterday, I think I overcame it. My short story for Authonomy/Harper Collins' sci fi festival/competition is nearly done, so here's my goals for this week:

• Continue Path of the Horseman
• Finish and submit story for Authonomy competition

While I'm realistic about my chances in challenge put out by Harper Freaking Collins, it will be nice to use an idea I've had in my mind and get it off my plate. It was one of those concepts that I liked, but didn't think too hard about. I had just enough jotted down to create what I think is a unique, unexpected short story. Depending on how I feel about the final product, I'll be putting it out for review on a couple sites and might submit it to a submission call. Why work hard on something if you're not going to broadcast it?

Have a great week!


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