Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blood Moon: Hunter's Prey

The next installment in my blog series. I struggled with an idea for this one, and finally came up with something that I truly enjoyed. I hope you like it too!

Officer Helena Barnes can't sit back and do nothing when she hears a man crying for help in the middle of the woods, though she didn't expect the trap lying in wait for her. But her captors don't know who she is, and they could be in for a brutal surprise, if Helena can survive long enough to turn the tables...

- - -

- - -

Like I said, I struggled with this one at first. The original idea was going to be someone stealing a body from the morgue, but that idea and the way I was writing just didn't do anything for me. The more I wrote, the less I liked. I wanted to surprise people and leave an air of mystery for Helena's next adventure.

I'm so glad I rewrote it, because this might be my favorite Blood Moon story to date. It was so much fun writing Helena, easing her into more suspicious territory for other readers, and coming up with a twist that I hoped shocked everyone at least a little bit.

The next story in the Blood Moon series is completed and might need a few more edits, but for now, I hope you enjoy, share, and leave comments about Hunters Prey. Motivate me to do more!


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