Monday, 30 June 2014

Hollow Hill Chapters 14, 15, and Epilogue

This is it! The grand finale, the big showdown, the ultimate battle! Will Derek, Liam, and Selena survive? Or have their enemies become too powerful to overcome?

In chapter 14: Derek confronts Thomas for the final time.

In chapter 15: Derek and Liam face Lilith, and the consequences of her actions.

In the epilogue: The group steadily deals with everything that's happened, and what will come next.

- - -

- - -

Chapter 14 flew by as I was writing it. There was so much action, so many close calls that even I was cringing. I definitely put Derek through the ringer. But I never wanted to create a hero who would have it easy. I read a quote once that said "The Hero Doesn't Get The Reward. The Hero Pays The Price." If that doesn't describe Derek, nothing else will. I was really proud of the final fight with Derek and Thomas, to show how different things are now that Derek is the heir of Ares.

The next chapter had a lot going on in a little time. Lilith might not have been as formidable physically as Derek or Thomas or even Liam, but she was no pushover. Bringing Charon into the equation was a fun, different way of introducing the gods now that they've been awakened. I figured I would start small. The heavy hitters will enter the series in later books.

The epilogue actually went through a few changes. Most of them were due to length. I added in two scenes with Derek and Liam. The one where they've named their new weapons is actually only a couple weeks old, and I was pretty pleased with it. All great warriors and heroes typically have a weapon named after them, so I thought Derek and Liam could use some. I also loved writing Derek's scene with Selena and the little comfort they're all beginning to have with each other. I love these characters and am excited about taking them on new adventures in the future.

Hollow Hill remains one of my favorite stories. It's come a long way since last November, surprised me in ways I couldn't have imagined, and will only continue to improve. It's not yet a finished project, but it's been an absolute joy to create and write, and hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have.


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