Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hollow Hill Chapters 10 and 11

Okay, okay, you can stop holding your breath– the cliffhanger is over! And in case you were wondering, yes, I did absolutely intend to finish that chapter that way. So why don't you ease your minds and check out the latest chapters of Hollow Hill?

NOTE: Because this has been a work in progress, you may notice a major change that I made. Descendants now call each other scions, and Normals and the Inquisition are the ones who call them witches. This was suggested to me a little while ago, and now I'm grateful to have made the change. Having said that, it's really the only major change that I plan to make.

In chapter 10, Derek and Liam face monsters and nightmares they never imagined.

In chapter 11, Derek and Liam are taken hostage, and Selena shares a revealing vision with Derek.

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After the big reveal at the end of chapter 9, I wanted to focus on Liam's fear more than Derek's. When it comes to combat, Derek tends to be ready for anything, no matter how terrible it is. Liam... not so much, especially when he learns his sadistic father has been resurrected. Doing research and deciding on what sort of monsters to use was a lot of fun. Harpies tend to the a logical choice since they're a famous Greek monster, but Eurynomus demons are a little less known. If there's one thing I love, it's coming up with designing new creatures.

One of my favorite parts in chapter 11 was Derek's dream of Selena. Not just because I love them together, but because I gave myself a chance to play with her power a little bit more. She's one of my favorite characters and as a Titan heir, she has almost limitless power when she puts her mind to it. The dream scene was important because Derek needed to find out that he was a direct heir of Ares. It's the reason he's able to use more power than Liam at some point. Derek and Liam are the descendants of Ares and another goddess. Yes, I know who. No, I'm not telling. But if you're up on your mythology, the answer might surprise you.

It also gave me a chance to introduce the Titans as a viable threat (let's face it– they are), and add more to Derek's relationship with Selena. In a previous chapter (which were edited since being posted, and yes, I'm going to try and fix that), Selena came close to kissing Derek. Her making up for it and transferring some magic to him was relevant in more than one way.

So, these are the latest chapters of Hollow Hill! Like I said,  I will try and go back and fix the old posts so everything is up to date. If something doesn't make sense in the meantime, drop me a comment and I'll make sure you're question's answered. Thanks for reading! :)


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