Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekly Recap

This week was really productive, and I'm proud of everything I got done. Here's what I finished:

Shallow Water edits
• Finish Cursed 3 storyline

• Finalize Eternity Blood options (I think I have it down)
Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapter 7 edit
Hollow Hill chapters 10 & 11 edit

Needfire edit start (waiting for the second part of a review)
Needfire cover artist hunt
• Complete Metal Heart, the short for a steampunk anthology
• Think about mini-blog series and possibly start

• Read Silver and Salt by Rob Thurman (release date got messed up)

I have to get back on the real job hunt this week, though I'm getting help from a recruiting agency this time, so maybe I'll have a better shot. Here's what I else want to get done this week:

• Complete first mini blog short story and send it out for review
• Plan/think more on Eternity Blood and get it ready to go
Needfire edits
Cursed: Dark Divinity edits
Cursed: Damnation's Door start
• Post Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapter 7
• Post Hollow Hill chapters 10 & 11

Hopefully by Thursday's blog post, I'll have more info on the blog series I'm doing. I won't spoil much, but here's what you need to know: It's called Blood Moon, is told from a bunch of different perspectives, and is a lot of fun. Cheers!


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