Thursday, 24 October 2013

500 Word Challenge: Looks Can Kill

The challenge: The story must have a demon in it. The story must involve a quiver of arrows in it. A character is lustful throughout most of the story.

- - -

    The problem with fighting dark Aphrodite witches was that they tried to seduce you before they killed you. They were deceptively powerful, especially to descendants of Ares like my brother and I.
    Liam was dreamy eyed as the witches began summoning the succubus. They sang and danced around the fire, swaying in dresses that looked ready to slip off their skin...
    I shook my head. Focus, Derek. We’re here to kill the succubus.
    I prefer up-close fights, but getting close to an Aphrodite was deadly. She’d use a seduction spell, kiss me, and slip a knife into my ribs.
    So I’d brought a bow and arrows. A shot to the heart or head would kill the succubus, but then we’d have to escape from horny, angry witches. I looked at Liam. He was still transfixed on the steamy dance ahead of us. I nudged his ribs.
    “Quit staring,” I said.
    He blinked, but didn’t look away. “Right, yeah, it’s just... They’re so beautiful.”
    Suddenly the fire doubled in size, and the succubus rose from the flames.
    With pale skin, dark hair, and dangerous curves, she looked almost human. Except for the glowing red eyes and the black wings. She soaked up lust in the cave, getting stronger. The witches threw themselves at her feet and started screaming in pleasure while the succubus drained the life from them. I punched the wall and focused on pain to keep from giving in.
    I took an arrow from the quiver on my back and nocked it.
    That was when I saw that Liam had gone. I snapped my head up and watched my brother walking for the succubus, completely under her spell. Shit.
    “I feel your power, young Ares,” the succubus purred. Her sensual voice sent a shiver down my spine. “Come to me.”
    Liam didn’t even notice that the other witches were dead. He just kept moving towards the beckoning succubus.
    I pulled back on the bowstring, stepped out of hiding, took aim, and fired.
    Since I’d been avoiding Liam, my killshot missed.
    The arrow sank into the succubus’ shoulder. She screamed in rage, and I saw the demon beneath the beautiful woman.
    “Kill him!” she shrieked, pointing at me.
    Liam whirled and saw his enemy, not his brother. Liam formed a ball of soulfire in his hands and hurled it at me. I ducked behind a stalagmite as the blast hit the wall behind me.
    I nocked another arrow then twisted around the stalagmite and fired as Liam appeared at my side and punched me in the head. But my aim had been true.
    The arrow hit the demon right in the eye, killing her.
    Liam stopped, blinking in confusion. He saw the bruise forming on my face and was horrified.
    “Holy shit, Derek, I’m so sorry,”
    I gingerly touched the bruise. “I’m not mad, kid. You were spelled. It wasn’t your fault.”
    He looked at the dead succubus guiltily. “How’d you resist her?”
    I shrugged. “She wasn’t my type.”

- - -

I posted a story about an incubus about a month ago, but the first thing that came to mind when doing this one was a succubus. This story also gives a little more insight into the characters of Derek and Liam and the universe they live in. Only a week until NaNoWriMo - egad - so I don't mind teasing a little bit...

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