Sunday, 29 September 2013

Decisions, Descions...

National Novel Writing Month is still a ways away, but I'm already getting prepared for it. Since registering won't be hard, I'm focusing on my two current issues:

1. Coming up with the plotline for a story I want to do.
2. Figuring out how the hell I'm gonna write a full novel in between work days. I get two days off a week and while I am writing constantly, a decent sized novel is about 90,000 words, and usually it takes me a couple months to finish a draft. I predict a lot of late nights and Red Bull ahead.

But in reality the first problem is the one I want to iron out right now. I have a lot of ideas (and I do mean a lot), and I'm not going to cheat by putting Cursed: Demon's Daughter in there, prologue or not. That would be cheating, and I don't like to cheat. The same goes for Agents of Limbo and Elemental Army. I've written parts of both of those, so they aren't in the running yet. I've got a couple ideas on the backburner for now that could work:

• A prequel for Elemental Army. While I was writing the first chapter, I came along an idea for a prequel series when one of the characters was mentioning something that happened ages ago. It would tie in to EA in a very huge way, though I'm not going to start with it because I don't know how long it will take me to write the entire story out, whether it'll be one story or two.

• Prequels for Cursed and Agents of Limbo. When I said I wasn't going to put them in there, I meant it, but the prequels would be separate stories on their own. The Cursed prequel would take place while Constance and Andromeda are working for the cartel, while the AoL story would be during Leon's teen years when he was doing his very best to snark everyone to death, including his big brother Jace. I've put Leon and Jace on hold for a while as I work on Cursed, but I miss writing Leon and Jace.

A brand new story completely unrelated to anything. I have a couple werewolf ones I'd like to try out as well as an idea semi inspired by a dream I can't really remember, though it was a hell of a lot like Inception.

So you see my problem?? I don't know where to begin. I would love opinions, so leave them in the comments! Majority rules in these kinds of things, and I intend to have the story I want picked out by next week so I can start planning during the travel time for my vacation. I can't sleep in anything that moves, and working passes the time. When I make my decision, I'll post the lucky winner and a brief synopsis of what can be expected from the story.

Has anyone ever participated in National Novel Writing Month? If so, I'd love to know what you thought of it and what sort of advice you would give a newbie. Comments are love!


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