Sunday, 22 September 2013

500 Word Challenge: One Last Sin

In an effort to keep my skills honed and sharped, I've decided to go on 500 word challenges, which is exactly what it sounds like: Tell a story in 500 words. I like this challenge because it will essentially take me out of my comfort zone (my stories will still involve monsters and the supernatural because hey, I gotta be me) and help me improve as a writer.

So to that end, I went hunting on one of my favorite sites, Seventh Sanctum, and found their writing challenge generator. Best tool ever, and I know I'll have a lot of fun with it.

Today's challenge generator pulled up this:

The story starts during a riot. The story must have an incubus at the end. The story must involve an idol in it.

(If you aren't familiar with an incubus, this is what it is.)

- - -

    Vegas was overrun with monsters. Everything was on fire. Anyone still alive was screaming and trying to escape. But not me. Not yet. There was something I had to do first.
    I’d never been lucky in love or relationships. I was the forgettable, almost ugly duckling, the one all the boys picked last for the Sadie Hawkins Dance because not being seen with a girl would be uncool. I got sloppy drunken kisses until the house lights came up and the man I was with realized he didn’t want to take me home.
    I was doomed to be a virgin. Until the world started to end. Talk about irony.
    I clutched the idol to my chest and kept running, hoping I wouldn’t get eaten before I found him. I’d visited a psychic and asked for her to help me find a man who’d love me, just for one night. She gave me an idol of a curvy woman writhing in pleasure, saying it would lead me to him.
    Then the earth cracked and the monsters showed up. Just my luck.
    The idol started warming in my hands as I turned into the MGM. I raced through the blood-stained floor of the casino to the elevators. The idol suddenly turned so blisteringly hot that I dropped it. Crap crap crap-
    Masculine hands picked it up. I looked up and saw a devastatingly gorgeous man. He was Johnny Depp with Hugh Jackman’s body and Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes. Holy crap.
    He must have found my stupefied expression amusing, because he grinned. I nearly swooned.
    “I haven’t seen one of these in centuries,” he said in a voice that was honey to the ears. Stunningly blue eyes met my dull brown ones. “Do you know what it does?”
    I tried not to think about the way he was sensuously rubbing his thumb over the idol’s legs, hips, and breasts, or how I wished those fingers were on my-
    “Is that what you want?” he asked.
    I blinked. “Did you just read my mind?”
    He chuckled. “Only because you were thinking about being seduced. Which is my expertise.”
    I frowned. “Are you a gigolo or something?”
    He laughed this time. “No, my dear. I’m an incubus. A demon of pleasure.” He waved the idol. “And you have summoned me.”
    He pressed against me, too warm and too real for me to be dreaming. He bent his head, close enough to kiss. His spicy musk was drowning me, making me light-headed. His fingers gently traced the side of my face. I was shaking.
    “Don’t be afraid,” he whispered. “I’m here to make your fantasies become realities. Tell me what you want.”
    Somehow, I found my voice. “To be loved.”
    He looked at me, as if he didn’t think I was serious. Then he grinned.
    “Humans. You’re all so wonderfully simple-minded.”
    I was too intoxicated to care about his comment, because he took my hand and led me to the elevator.
    I loved him.

- - -

Short. Simple. A little sexy. I'm actually pretty proud of this short. It's something I could take further if I really wanted to, (no, I won't), and it was a lot of fun to write in the morning just before I ate lunch. Since I can get ideas in the blink of an eye and am a fast typer, I'll post challenge tomorrow when I get home from work. Ciao!


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