Demon's Daughter– Cursed book 1.

I'd been overly protective even when we were kids, and it had only gotten worse as we got older and our lives spiralled out of control. There was nothing I wouldn't do for Dro. Nothing I wouldn't steal, no law I wouldn't break, no monster or man I wouldn't kill.

I would burn the world to a cinder to save Dro.

Wanted by law enforcements. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons... 

Constance Ramirez has more than her share of problems when it comes to protecting her adopted sister, Andromeda. Especially since Andromeda isn’t fully human, and her strange powers are dangerous and out of control. 

But Constance will do anything to keep her safe, which won’t be easy with bounty hunters hired by the drug cartel she betrayed looking to capture her, and savage monsters seeking to take Andromeda for their own dark purposes. Being a big sister has never been so hard... Or so deadly.

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Chapter One

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Dark Divinity– Cursed book 2.

I’d witnessed a decimal of Lucifer’s power. I knew I wasn’t stronger than him. I was human. He could snap me like a toothpick. But toothpick or not, I refused to let him take Dro away. I would find a way to make him pay for torturing and nearly killing her.

Hell has risen. Heaven is descending. Sacrifices are made...

It’s been two months since Constance Ramirez’s adopted sister Andromeda was used as the Key to opening the Gates of Heaven and Hell. They escaped with their lives, but made countless enemies as a result.

Now that demons are beginning to weave into ordinary lives, their only hope is to find a way to close the Gates of Heaven and Hell before the angels and demons begin a war. Something that becomes only harder as one of Constance’s deadliest enemies resurfaces. 

But as they struggle to stay alive and find the Gates, they learn that a huge sacrifice will be required if they succeed, and this time, Constance isn’t sure the cost will outweigh the reward...

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Chapter One 

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Damnation's Door– Cursed book 3.

“Dro.” My lips mouthed her name, though my voice couldn’t speak it. Whether that was because it was too cracked, or I was too scared, I couldn’t tell.

I had never seen Dro look like this before. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t see her as human.

Demons are free. Angels are fallen. Hope is dying...

Constance Ramirez and her adopted sister, Andromeda, have stopped Lucifer’s plan– They have closed the Heaven Gate and kept the demons out. But their choice came with brutal consequences, and now every angel on earth is trapped in their mortal body.

All that remains is closing the Hell Gate and establishing a balance once and for all. That means returning to the city of Constance’s nightmares, which has become a haven for murderers and monsters. But even more dangerous than their hunt is that Andromeda’s powers and instincts are turning darker, and this time Constance doesn’t know how to protect her.

Constance is ready to fight for her life, but her enemies have plans she can’t begin to imagine, and they’re prepared to make her suffer...

Trust is lost and hearts are broken in the epic conclusion in Amy Braun’s Cursed trilogy...

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